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Dear Nanny,

It’s an exciting time to be a nanny. There are many resources available to assist your job search but only a local agency can provide you with personal, 1-on-1 service. Care Givers Placement Agency is committed to making sure that our nannies and families have a great experience. We are proud of our Agency's reputation with your fellow nannies.

Care Givers is part of your community. We have a proven record of excellence and, as a Care Givers' nanny, you'll be part of our commitment to provide the best childcare possible to Portland families. If you are serious about a finding a fun and rewarding nanny job, Care Givers is the Nanny Agency for you.

Why would you work with a Nanny Agency rather than seek employment on your own? Here are some reasons that we think nannies should work with a professional nanny agency like Care Givers Placement Agency:

1. Being a great nanny has a lot to do with working for great families. The families who use a nanny agency are looking for high quality care and respect the job you do as a nanny. Whether you are looking to work as a temporary nanny with a variety of families or looking to work for one, special family, you want to work for an agency who carefully screens families for you.

2. Care Givers’ Temporary Nannies enjoy the ability to set their own schedule. There is no better way to maintain a regular, dependable work schedule as a nanny than to work with our temporary nanny service. Let us find the work for you!

3. Care Givers’ Permanent Nannies can rest assured that the family for whom you work will provide you with a written work agreement, W2, unemployment insurance and a guaranteed salary.

4. Care Givers is your own, personal employment coach. Our job is to represent you! Care Givers works with you to make sure your resume portfolio is top notch. We provide resources for interview techniques, up-to-date information on payroll and taxes, feedback after interviews, assistance with creating job agreements and MORE. As a Care Givers' Nanny, we'll make sure you get the assistance you need to be successful.

5. If the going gets tough, we're here for you. We know that like all working relationships there are tough moments. We help nannies work through issues with families for the best outcome. Sometimes things don't work out. Then we are able to talk to new families about your communication skills and problem solving abilities even when your current job didn't end as you'd hoped.

Only a local agency can provide you with the level of service that is needed in this career field. If you are looking to join a team of professional nannies then you’ll want to be a Care Givers’ nanny.

Thank you,

Sharyn & Paul Marcuson,
Care Givers Placement Agency, Inc.

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