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What our wonderful clients say about our nanny placement services in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

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There is no better feeling than when your children can’t wait for the babysitter to arrive!


mother of 2 children

I tried sittercity but found that I couldn’t line up sitters when I needed them. With Care Givers I just have to call and they send a great nanny every time.


mother of 6 and 4 year olds

We were very pleased and impressed with your service.


mother of 2 children

It’s difficult to leave your children with someone new but your nanny made me feel confident and comfortable.


mother of a newborn & 3 year old

Thank you for your help – you were very attentive and helpful and our nanny is a great find and perfect fit with our family.


father of 3 children

Care Givers agency has always exceeded best practices with their candidate screening, which is why they are considered one of the leaders in the nanny referral industry.

Daryl Camarillo

president, APNA

We spent two months searching for a nanny on our own. Then we called Care Givers, and found our nanny within one week of interviewing. Now my daughter is happy!


mother of toddler

Care Givers gave me a steady stream of high quality, pre-screened candidates to interview. We tried Northwest Nannies and they were not as good!


mother of 4 year old and infant

After calling Care Givers, interviews were quickly arranged with 3 candidates - two of whom were really excellent, giving us the enviable position of choosing which nanny we wanted. Not only did we hire a nanny we like and trust - we had a choice


father of two daughters

You are extremely forthcoming and helpful.


mother of 1 year and 4 year old

We went through three different agencies and found Care Givers to be very helpful. We liked the way everything was handled by Care Givers, including the negotiating. Care Givers does a lot more work than the other agencies offer and it is very helpful.


mother of 3 month old

Care Givers pre-screened all the applicants, saving us lots of time and headaches sorting through applicants who wouldn't come close to meeting our needs. Having never been employers before, this was very helpful. We would have been at a loss for where to start, much less where to go!


mother of 4 month old

I used Northwest Nannies first but they were not efficient. You were. You took all the hassle out of the search; I simply got to choose. You were there for background information on taxes, contracts, and a go-between to listen to each of us.


mother of 3 year old and infant

We worked with three agencies. Care Givers was very helpful both in screening applicants and in helping me sort through their strengths and weaknesses to decide who would fit best in our household. We have hired through the newspaper before and I think the single greatest advantage is that the applicants from Care Givers had a better understanding of their role and commitment to the job.


mother of toddler

Friends gave me the names of agencies to use to hire a nanny. We also used Auntie Faye and Northwest Nannies. Care Givers was the best! You were very supportive and customer service oriented. The pre-screening and ability to match up applicants with potential families saves a lot of time for families.


mother of infant twins

I have always been successful working with Care Givers. I truly believe that Care Givers is the best agency in Portland.


full-time permanent nanny

Care Givers has a very helpful staff. They are well known in Portland as an outstanding Agency. I have worked for other agencies in the past and Care Givers is more organized and professional.


part-time permanent nanny

What I appreciate about Care Givers is the consistency. I also like the security of the job. I know the families are screened as well as the nannies are screened.


Temporary Nanny