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Why call Care Givers?

If you have tried to use an internet database or locate a qualified nanny on your own you know how frustrating hiring a nanny can be. Doing all your own recruiting and screening is time consuming and does not always produce the best candidates.

Care Givers Placement Agency can help you hire the right nanny for your family. We secure the best candidates, carefully screen each applicant and match nannies to your specific job description. We are here to answer questions on technical employment issues such as writing job agreements and paying nanny taxes.

Communication is our key. By taking the time to understand what you are looking for in a nanny you will be able to interview and hire a nanny who matches your family's needs.

Care Givers will work with you throughout the hiring process and welcomes your call at any point after you have hired a nanny. Most nannies sign yearlong contracts with families and the majority of nannies stay longer than their initial contract.

We want you to be secure in your hiring decision. If for any reason your nanny’s employment terminates in the first year, you will receive a credit to apply toward your next search with Care Givers Placement Agency. The credit starts at 75% of the initial referral fee and is prorated depending on the duration of your Nanny ’s employment.

Care Givers’ goal is to find lasting matches and establish long term relationships. More than 90% of our clients retain their nanny past their first year. Care Givers' matching is that good! But if you need to utilize our replacement clause, rest assured that Care Givers will treat your family with the utmost priority. We want you to be satisfied with our service.

To hire a permanent nanny please complete your job description questionnaire.

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