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We are often asked by families: Why should we use an agency and why yours in particular?

Why use Care Givers Placement Agency?

Why call Care Givers Placement Agency when you want to hire a permanent nanny?

Hiring a permanent nanny

Why call Care Givers Placement Agency when you need a temporary nanny or on-call babysitter?

Hiring a babysitter

Why should I use a nanny agency?

If you are a family looking for a nanny to hire, your search will be much more time effective and you will meet better qualified nannies by working with a nanny agency.

An agency will save you the time it takes to prescreen nannies for your specific job description, check references. You will meet qualified nannies who have been matched to your job description.

Many nannies only work through an agency. You will be unable to tap into our network of the city's most experienced childcare providers if you try to advertise on your own.

What makes Care Givers different from other agencies?

You will appreciate how Care Givers takes the time to work with both parents and nannies to make sure that your match is a good one and that your job situation lasts a long time. This unique approach will include working with you throughout the entire interview process as well as any after-placement support you may request. Care Givers is looking for long-term relationships with both the families and nannies they work with.

Care Givers is meticulous in our screening of the nannies we refer. Our number one objective is to give you peace of mind.

Care Givers Placement Agency is the only Nanny Agency in Oregon that is affiliated with both the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies(APNA) and the International Nanny Association (INA). We perform our duties to the highest standards in the industry. Our affiliations with the APNA and INA afford us the ability to tap into the combined resources of the most respected agencies in the United States.

Can you describe Care Givers' process?

Care Givers is an employment agency you contract to help you find a nanny to hire. We will work with you throughout the hiring process to assure that your interviews are productive; that you have the information you need about paying taxes and providing insurance benefits; that you are able to create a good employment agreement.

Once you register with our agency, we will post your job description with the nannies we have already pre-screened. We will make sure that the nannies match your needs and you will receive a packet of information on each nanny, which will include her work history and references. Then you will meet the nanny face-to-face, in your own home, for an interview. Care Givers will work with you through this interview process until you find a great nanny to hire.

Where do you find your nannies?

We advertise, of course, but most of the nannies come to us as referrals of other nannies or families we have worked with. Care Givers' reputation is excellent and our families and nannies are quite loyal.

We are very selective! Less than 60% of the nannies that call our office are selected to represent our agency.

What kind of experience do your nannies have?

Care Givers has found a variety of backgrounds create a good nanny. Care Givers recruits nannies of varying experience because we have a variety of jobs available. We recruit childcare workers, students, moms and grandmothers, teachers and daycare providers, recent college graduates, nurses, etc. Our agency is looking for loving, attentive providers who have recent, verifiable references. Although we require a minimum of two years experience (although most applicants have more experience), we want to work with you to find the type of nanny you are looking for.

How do you screen your nannies?

Care Givers Placement Agency offers the most comprehensive screening available. Our experienced office personnel interviews each applicant to see if they meet our criteria for placement. Then a criminal screening, drivers record check, national sex offender’s search, national address history, social security number verification and an Equifax SafeScan report are processed. We carefully check references both in writing and over the telephone. References checked include childcare references, other work history and character references.

How long will it take to find the right nanny?

Most families spend between two to six weeks to interview qualified candidates. As soon as Care Givers receives your job description we will post it for the nannies. You'll be able to start interviewing right away.

Because of our selective matching and screening for your job position, most families interview an average of 2-4 nannies before making a hiring decision. Many families actually hire the first nanny that they interview! There is no limit, however, for the number of nannies you are allowed to interview. Care Givers will work with you until you find the right nanny.

Part-time positions sometimes take longer to fill since they require matching your schedule with that of just the right nanny.

If you need to return to work and have not yet hired a nanny, Care Givers' Temporary Nanny Service can assist you by placing a nanny in your home on a temporary basis until you hire a permanent nanny.

What is the difference between a temporary and a permanent nanny?

Any nanny who works with Care Givers is screened the same way so there isn't any difference in a temporary or permanent nanny's experience.

A "temporary" nanny works on-call through Care Givers Placement Agency as a nanny-sitter. That nanny may work full or part-time through our agency's service. Some nannies may work with our temporary service while they are looking for a permanent position but most are not looking for a long-term commitment with any one family — they enjoy the flexibility and variety that our temporary service affords. Nannies working through our temporary, on-call service get paid by the hour and can be scheduled for daytime, evening, weekend or even for overnight care.

A "permanent" nanny is one who is interviewing with families, looking to make a long-term commitment. That nanny may work full or part-time for the family. Upon request, she will sign a yearlong contract. Frequently, their jobs will last for years.

Why would I hire a temporary nanny instead of a permanent nanny?

If you do not want a long-term commitment from a nanny, if your needs are occasional or if your schedule requires flexibility, our temporary service is perfect for your family. Parents who use our temporary service often call Care Givers on an ongoing, regular basis to schedule a nanny. You may want to hire a nanny Tuesday afternoon, Friday night and Sunday morning this week but all day Wednesday and Thursday next week. Our temporary nanny service can accommodate your ever-changing schedule needs!

Temporary nanny-sitters can also be scheduled on a consistent, ongoing basis. You may need a nanny every Tuesday morning, for example. Some families do not have a consistent need. You can call us once a week, once a month or once a year with your childcare needs.

What does a nanny do?

Hiring a nanny can be difficult because there isn't a set in stone job description for all nannies. Job descriptions do differ depending on your family's requirements. Care Givers will work with you to help define your family's needs and to match good applicants to your job description.

You can always expect that your nanny will meet your children's needs. This includes preparing activities that are age appropriate as well as emotionally, socially and intellectually stimulating. Nannies will plan activities in the home as well as safe outings for the children. This way, your child will receive the one-on-one care you are looking for as well as opportunities for socialization.

Further, a nanny will tend to the preparation of children's meals, care for your children's laundry and the tidiness of the children's personal areas and possessions. Although most nannies do not do housekeeping for the family, nannies do clean up after themselves and their charges. You should not expect to come home and have to clean up after the nanny!

Beyond that, you can hire a nanny to perform additional duties within your household. As long as your job description details your expectations, and your salary range accounts for additional job duties, you can look to Care Givers to try and fill almost any type job description.

Is there any job description you cannot fill?

Care Givers Placement Agency specializes in live-out permanent placements and on-call temporary nanny services. We do not offer before and/or afterschool care. Otherwise, most jobs can be filled with either our permanent or temporary service.

What happens if the nanny we hire does not work out for our family?

We want you to be secure in your hiring decision. If for any reason your nanny’s employment terminates in the first year, you will receive a credit to apply toward your next search with Care Givers Placement Agency. The credit starts at 75% of the initial referral fee and is prorated depending on the duration of your Nanny ’s employment.

Care Givers’ goal is to find lasting matches and establish long term relationships. More than 90% of our clients retain their nanny past their first year. Care Givers' matching is that good! But if you need to utilize our replacement clause, rest assured that Care Givers will treat your family with the utmost priority. We want you to be satisfied with our service.

How long do nannies usually stay in a job?

On average a nanny stays between 18-24 months with a family. Beyond that, family's needs, as well as a nanny's expertise with a particular child's age range, changes dramatically. Some nannies stay with a family for three, four, five, six years (and counting!).