Agency Fee Schedule

The very best for your children

Registration fee: $195.00

The Registration Fee is not refundable. Your Registration Fee includes a lifetime membership with our temporary service.
Upon hiring a nanny you will pay a one-time Placement Fee. Placement Fees are determined by the number of hours your nanny will work for your family.

Placement fees:
  • For schedules up to 19 hours/week: $1300.00
  • For schedules 20-29 hours/week: $1500.00
  • For schedules 30 hours and above/week: $1800.00
  • For Summer Placements: $850.00 (maximum 3 month placement, June-August)

The Placement Fee shall be received by Care Givers within five days of the hiring of the nanny or prior to the first day of work, whichever occurs first.

Our goal is to find lasting matches and establish long term relationships. If for any reason your nanny’s employment terminates in the first year, you will receive a credit to apply toward your next search with Care Givers Placement Agency. The credit starts at 75% of the initial referral fee and is prorated depending on the duration of your Nanny ’s employment (see Service Contract for exact details).

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