Temporary Nanny Job Description

The very best for your children

Temporary nannies are available to work days, evenings and even overnights. Care can be arranged on an occasional or on-going, consistent basis. Care Givers specializes in on-call, short-term, on-going part-time and emergency situations.

You can hire a temporary nanny

  • while you enjoy an evening or day out
  • to care for a child who is sick and needs to stay home from school or daycare
  • for an ongoing assignment (i.e. every Tuesday morning or every Saturday night)
  • for short-term employment (i.e. you need to hire a full-time nanny for 6 weeks)
  • or whenever the need arises!

Temporary Nannies are responsible for all of the care involving your children:

  • Planning safe, stimulating, age-appropriate activities
  • Light meal and snack preparation
  • Transporting the children as requested
  • Clean up after nanny and children

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