Agency Fee Schedule

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Temporary Nanny's Wages

The temporary nanny's wages vary as to the type of job and the number of children cared for. Temporary nanny's wages start at $15.00 an hour. Overnight costs begin at $150.00 per 24-hours.

Care Givers' Placement Fees are as follows:

Annual Registration Fee: $25.00
Provides 12 months of temporary service.

Once a referral is made for a Registered Family, the per-day referral fees are as follows:

  • $18.50 per day when care is arranged ahead of time during our regular Monday-Friday business hours, 7:00am - 5:00pm.
  • $23.50 per-day for same-day or after-hours referrals.

Non-registered families can make advanced reservations for childcare during our regular, Monday-Friday business hours. A $35.00 per day referral fee will apply to all job placements.

Unless the Agency has received a one-time permanent placement fee for the specific provider the Client agrees to continue to pay the per-day referral fee whether arrangements are made by the Agency or directly with the nanny herself.

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